Our Company


The company name – Yakel – draws from the Hebrew expression ‘to facilitate’ and this has been our ethos for the last 15 years. Identifying new opportunities, to utilise our experience, means we can continue to deliver outstanding projects for ourselves and clients in the future.


Samuel Farage LLB

After gaining a degree in Law & Commercial Law, Samuel has been able to combine his keen eye for detail with his natural ability to develop an extensive network of contacts that benefits or investors. Samuel builds strong, professional relationships with our clients and facilitates their business development with lenders and other stakeholders to bring together opportunities for ambitious deals.
He can be contacted by email samuel@yakel.co.uk

Yacove Farage

As a former regional manager with many leading UK house building companies, Yacove brings 20 years of experience. He has overseen the delivery of over 20,000 residential units in Israel, Cyprus and the UK and currently oversees Yakel construction projects. Yacove is dedicated to Jewish education and is actively involved in a number of charities both here and abroad.

Keeley Farage MSc

With a degree in Town Planning, Keeley brings a valuable and recognised insight into the opportunities we explore and to maximise returns in our investments. A keen traveller and cyclist; she regularly participates in triathlons and fundraisers for cancer care charities.
She can be contacted by email keeley@yakel.co.uk